BendPoly is much more than an internship, it is an immersive mentorship. We bring in industry experts to train you and then align you with industry experts to guide you on a real world project applying what you've learned. ~ Bruce Cleveland, the founder and president, BendPoly

Digital Marketing

BendPoly is currently teaching courses in Digital Marketing. Over time, BendPoly intends to add courses in areas such as: sales operations, support, customer success and others. Companies and organizations need people who understand both the strategy and metrics of the function as well as how to expertly run the application software companies use to manage and track these areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

You must fill out our online application.

Who is eligible to attend?

To qualify for the BendPoly Digital Marketing program, you must be currently enrolled in a 4 year, accredited university and be in good academic standing or be a graduate of a 4 year accredited university.

What are the dates for the next BendPoly course?

BendPoly has not yet set dates for the next course. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the form under the Contact section of the website. BendPoly staff will notify you when the next course dates are established.

When does the application period open?

BendPoly has not yet set dates for the application period for the next course. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the form under the Contact section of the website. BendPoly staff will notify you when the next course dates are established.

How will I be notified whether or not I've been accepted?

BendPoly will notify all applicants via email whether or not they have been accepted.

Where is the BendPoly campus located?

BendPoly rotates its physical location from time to time to different college campuses in Oregon. BendPoly offers a “remote” option where students can attend the majority of the course using real-time video streaming.

How many applicants are accepted into each course?

The BendPoly program is highly selective, hands-on, and interactive. Consequently, BendPoly limits the number of students each session. The number changes for each course depending upon campus location and remote student applicants.

How does BendPoly make its student selections?

All applicants are screened by BendPoly leadership and advisors. BendPoly makes its selection based upon a student’s answers on the application, academic and work accomplishments and other considerations proprietary to BendPoly.

Is BendPoly an accredited educational institution?

BendPoly is not accredited and does not offer college/university course credit. Instead, BendPoly courses are intended to provide students with invaluable, complementary skills to their current or former academic program.

Who are BendPoly’s instructors?

BendPoly hand picks its instructors and guest speakers from industry-leading companies recognized for best practices and success. BendPoly also invites senior executives and/or expert practitioners with years of successful industry experience. BendPoly application instructors are professional instructors from leading application software companies.

What will I learn?

You will be taught by industry experts about strategy and how to execute strategy by setting up and managing the application software and systems that companies require to run the business. For example, in Digital Marketing, you will learn how to use social media software, Google AdWords, content management solutions and marketing automation solutions. Understanding strategy and how to set up and run application software solutions that are in demand by industry will make you a highly desirable job candidate.

How much time will I spend in the classroom?

The first five weeks of classes are held Monday – Thursday, typically earlier in the day until early afternoon, Pacific Daylight Time. Students attending remotely in different time zones need to adjust accordingly. The last three weeks involve team-based project work. During this period, students are required to be available during normal business hours, Monday-Friday.

How much is tuition?

The tuition for this 8 week program is $2,500. BendPoly has been able to secure sponsorships and donations for prior courses that have been able to help defray or completely offset tuition for qualified students. However, BendPoly cannot guarantee it will have any or sufficient sponsorships and donations to help students for any given course.

Am I guaranteed a job when I graduate from BendPoly?

BendPoly cannot guarantee employment for its graduates. However, BendPoly works with many companies seeking employees with the skills BendPoly teaches and has had success introducing students to these companies with subsequent job offers. More than 80% of the students who have graduated from BendPoly – and sought jobs in digital marketing - received and accepted job offers within 1 year of completing the program.