Chief Instructor

Cari Baldwin

Cari Baldwin | Chief Instructor, Digital Marketing Course

Cari has been called a curator of talent, and has a passion for bringing together smart people to share and learn. She does this daily as the founder of a digital marketing agency based in Bend.

Her role in BendPoly is to create a relevant and pragmatic learning curriculum to help students gain the experience needed to get their dream jobs faster in the digital marketing arena. She has worked with the BendPoly team to bring together top notch industry experts willing to dedicate their time and energy to transfer those skills to students and future digital marketers.

Cari is a seasoned demand gen expert, recognized thought leader and frequent industry speaker on marketing automation with over two decades of experience. As president of BlueBird, she is focused on ensuring the firm drives marketing programs that deliver measurable return on investment for clients. With a solid technological understanding of leading marketing automation solutions, her strengths include: lead nurture and process strategy, demand generation planning, content and offer development, execution and analysis. Cari values relationships and has a long history with many of her clients and team members.

Cari holds a BA in Communications and Public Relations from California State Fullerton. When she’s not chauffeuring her children to activities, Cari enjoys playing with her snow dogs, rescuing Samoyeds, drinking wine with girlfriends and doing anything with her family.

My husband and I love living and working in Bend. Our jobs take us out of Central Oregon frequently, and that is what makes working in digital marketing for tech companies so fulfilling – the ability to provide products and services virtually has never been so easy. BlueBird clients, both in Bend and around the world, have a need for digital marketing skills and demand generation expertise and we are able to fill that gap. Having a course like BendPoly’s Digital Marketing program will help groom the next generation of digital marketers for the real world. We even hope to have an alumni or two join the BlueBird team!