About Us

The mission of BendPoly is to provide groups such as higher-ed students, workers seeking new employment opportunities, and returning veterans with the skills they need to secure great jobs that are in high demand.

BendPoly is not a substitute for a 4 year or graduate degree program, it is augmentative. BendPoly’s 8 week courses are intensive, immersive, short form programs designed to provide students with skills utilizing application software that companies use to manage key business functions such as marketing, sales, service and support.

BendPoly builds upon an academic program by providing students with practical skills that are in high demand by companies and organizations. These are skills that are difficult for higher-ed to provide due to the fact they change rapidly and are not well-suited to traditional academic learning formats.

BendPoly works cooperatively with higher education institutions and industry to ensure its curriculum is complementary and that the applications and tactics it teaches are the latest and best practices.

According to Bruce Cleveland, founder and president of BendPoly,

BendPoly offers a structured approach that enables students to quickly gain skills that are in high demand by companies and organizations of all sizes and industries. BendPoly then provides students with the opportunity to apply those skills on real-world projects. In just 8 weeks, BendPoly graduates are prepared to join a company or organization and immediately make a positive impact.

When students complete a program from BendPoly they can be confident they are prepared to enter the job market with a solid foundation from their investment in an undergraduate or graduate degree coupled with highly marketable skills and experience in demand by industry.

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